Business Coaching

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When you bought your business, did you purchase an investment…or buy yourself a ‘secure’ job?

Whenever an investor decides to enter the capital markets, he/she recognizes that there is inherent risk, but over time, that monetary investment will grow offering him/her a return on investment. This principle holds true for any investment:

  • For an art collector it may be a rare painting,
  • For a philatelist it is that rare stamp, or
  • For the antique collector, it may be an old grandfather clock.

Each of these investors is expert in her/his area of interest and actively works to protect and increase the value of the investment. Business owners should approach their investments in their businesses the same way - develop them in order to increase their value.

All too often, business owners do not approach their businesses as investments, but rather as jobs. They find themselves caught in the whirlwind of the day to day operations of the business, instead of focusing on the strategic, long term plan for making their investment thrive. Unfortunately, as a result, many times the value of these businesses does not increase, and they may become even less valuable over time.

Business Coaching helps an owner take ownership of her/his business by enabling him/her to:

  • Understand the day to day tasks that ONLY she/he can truly handle, and then entrust the rest to the employees of the company
  • Take the newly acquired free time to plan where the business is heading, both short term and long term
  • Identify and, as needed, hire a team of people who he/she will trust to manage more of the day to day operation
  • Consider long term options for the business
  • Holding on to the business as a long term investment for herself/himself and future generations
  • Positioning the business for acquisition
  • Selling the business to key employee(s)
  • Spend time away from the business and continue to reap the rewards of ownership!

Business owners who want to maximize the value and reap the rewards of their investments should contact me about Business Coaching.

“No doubt his services were a great ROI”

Steve Nison, President – Author of Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques

When I first met Jack, he helped me understand that to grow my business, I needed to change the structure of my business to be less dependent on me, and more about the products we offered.
There is a Samurai saying, “He who is well prepared has won half the battle” and working with Jack has quickly and efficiently helped me win the battle over my competition.