Team Development

Levitt Executive Advisors

A Group of High Performers is not a Team

Work groups are sometimes formed one person at a time, as positions get filled. Other times they are assembled by realigning groups based on the needs of an organization, with each member of the group bringing his/her individual contributions and skill sets. In both cases, it is crucial to recognize that a group of high performing individuals is not the same as a High Performing Team.

While a group working together can yield higher results than they can as individuals, only by developing the relationships and dynamics between members can they truly become a team.

Our methodology systematically:

  • Provides group members with a psychometric profile to understand their personal styles using standard measures
  • Understand how each individual on the team relates to the others by understanding differences in styles
  • Foster interpersonal dynamics between team members in order to develop trust and accountability between members.

A leader who want to turn his/her work group into a high performing team and accomplish amazing feats should contact me about Team Development.