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Leadership is about doing what’s RIGHT… not what’s POPULAR!

This is a mantra that corporate executives who have been entrusted to lead their organizations forward, must embrace. For the executive stepping into a new position or organization, and even for the seasoned executive, this can be a daunting task. Senior executives, Boards of Directors and especially employees of the organization all have expectations that on any given day, the executive will wear a multitude of hats, including:

  • Leader
  • Strategist
  • Team Player
  • Communicator
  • Visionary
  • Decision Maker
  • Mentor…

…and the list goes on, with each hat presenting new challenges. It’s not often that an Executive is ready to wear all these hats when he/she steps into the position. The ability to carry out each of these roles comes from training and mentoring, and most importantly, experience.

Nevertheless, on any given day, an Executive will have to wear several of these hats and carry out the responsibilities that come with that role, and when there’s pressure, or a difficult decision to be made, there are not many people to whom he/she can turn. That is where Executive Coaching is an invaluable resource, and having made RIGHT decisions for organizations myself, and coached other executives to make some tough decisions that were not popular at the time, I can offer executives:

  • An objective listener off of whom you can bounce ideas in order to make tough decisions
  • A sounding board to support your strategic thinking
  • A confidante for dealing with highly sensitive issues that arise
  • A partner to hold you accountable for tasks and behaviors to drive you forward
  • A demanding, yet compassionate mentor to expand and redefine the limits of your ‘comfort zone’
  • A guide to support you in developing strategic relationships and navigating organizational dynamics
  • An advisor whose experience you can draw on to become a stronger leader and team builder.

Executives who want to learn how to make those RIGHT decisions and strengthen their leadership should call me about Executive Coaching.

Jack’s no nonsense approach works with everyone…

Marianne Grady, SPHR

"Jack has been engaged as an Executive Coach at LS Power for more than 2 years. During this period, I have seen him identify areas of focus for our people by getting 360º feedback from staff, peers and upper management."

He is known for his insight and his skill in improving individuals…

Leo Parmegiani, Partner O'Connor Davies LLP

I wholeheartedly endorse and recommend Jack Levitt as a high performance executive coach. Jack has been an inspiration to so many professionals that it is impossible to count them all. He exemplifies everything an executive coach should be. He is a motivational, educational, and entertaining, consummate mentor to his clients and a phenomenal listener.