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“It’s alright to have butterflies in your stomach. Just get them to fly in formation.”

Nowhere is this quote more apropos than in the world of public speaking. For some, the butterflies can be more like a swarm of bees, sometimes literally paralyzing a person with fear. For others, the nervous energy is something that needs to be redirected into a presentation to make it more engaging for the audience.

As a seasoned Presentation Coach and Toastmaster of 22 years, I have helped many newcomers overcome their initial fears of being in front of an audience, and coached a contestant competing for the title of World Champion of Public Speaking, and worked with many good speakers helping to make them great. My approach to Presentation Coaching is different from many. While we do spend some time addressing on the nuts and bolts of speech delivery (voice, gestures, body language, etc), the bulk of time is used to focus on:

  • Understanding the audience, and how to best connect and gear the presentation to them
  • Using all available delivery techniques and resources strategically to ensure maximum impact on the audience
  • Identifying and clearing the mental and emotional roadblocks that may be hindering you from delivering your best presentation.
  • Projecting a strong executive presence
  • Connecting to her/his passion for the presentation topic and ensuring the audience feels that enthusiasm
  • Enjoying the presentation experience.

Executives who are looking to take their presentations from Good to GREAT should contact me for Executive Presentation Coaching

“His value-added direction helps to bring a good presentation to an outstanding, world class presentation.”

Jean Shipos, 2004 Finalist for Toastmasters International's World Championship of Public Speaking

Jack’s keen insight and effective pointers helped prepare me for the 2004 World Championship of Public Speaking. Only 8 contestants worldwide reach this level of competition and the talent, confidence and skill sets of the competitors is extraordinary.

Perfect balance of providing encouragement, while offering specific, actionable feedback

Sue Schick, Chief Growth Officer, UnitedHealthcare Community & State

"Jack is a talented speech and presentation coach who gets results. He strikes the perfect balance of providing encouragement, while offering specific, actionable feedback."